Activator is your “Action Plan” driven Sales Productivity Management System.  Activator plugs into popular contact databases like ACT!, Outlook, or others you probably already own.

Activator automatically prepares your letters, envelopes, email, attachments, faxes, follow up action notices and management reports saving you hours each day!

Activator is entirely customizable to meet your specific requirements and you can do it yourself or work with one of our specially trained Planned Growth Advisors.

View the Activator Data Sheet

You’ll love Activator, it’s fun, inexpensive, easy to use and just what you’ve always wanted from a marketing, sales and CRM automation program.

Marketing, Sales and CRM on demand! You can install Activator on your own pc or network in conjunction with your ACT!, Outlook or database or take advantage of our hosted solutions.

You’ll win more sales, make more money and become a greater hero to your customers–Guaranteed!

  • Increase Sales Activity
  • Link to existing tools
  • Reach more clients
  • Get more appointments
  • Send more proposals
  • Grow sales
  • Learn how to improve responses

    Activator Plan


    What is Activator!?

    Activator seamlessly integrates with your contacts in ACT!, Outlook or Activator provides “industry specific” turn‐key Marketing, Sales and CRM process automation. Increased sales productivity and 100% accurate management reporting are just a few of the benefits associated with Activator.

    Activator is a client server application that seamlessly connects to your database or (in the case of performs an on‐line sync with the users’ database in real time or at intervals established by each user.

    Activator is licensed on a monthly subscription basis and is available in two versions; “Administrative Manager” and “Representative User” versions. *One Administrative Manager version is required per account.

    Click here to view a Sample Sales Action Plan





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