Activator,ACT,SalesforeIf you’re in Accounting, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Mortgage, Real Estate, or other Professional Services, new clients are the lifeblood of your business.  However with all your other responsibilities, sometimes opportunities fall through the cracks and cost you sales.

Activator sales productivity management & customer relationship management software, gives you a water-tight follow up system and allows you to accomplish in minutes what would take a team of sales people days.

You will win more sales, make more money and become a greater hero to your customers–guaranteed. Request a demo to see your industry’s best practices Sales Action Plan (Included Free with your Activator purchase!)

“Over the past week I have looked at almost every CRM, sales management, and sales automation software I could find on the web.  In the end, I came back to ACT! coupled with Activator Software.  For the price, it seems to be able to actually do what I want it to do which is to truly integrate with my contact database and provide sales automation with teeth.  Not just a few loosely put together campaigns created by me.  This will save me time and make me money.”

Judson D. Mallard, CFP, ChFC, CFS
President Vision Financial Concepts
a Registered Investment Advisor

Warning: You need a CRM system that contains a plan for automating your entire relationship building process from Marketing to Sales to CRM.  Don’t be fooled by other “less than complete” marketing software or CRM software programs.  Free CRM B.S. Report!





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