Telemarketing Services

Reach your contacts with outbound calling from Swiftpage. We’ll help you strategize and create a script as well as make the calls for you!


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Outbound Calling

Your contacts value diversified efforts of reaching them, so make the most of your marketing strategy with the use of professional Telemarketing Services from Swiftpage.

Our agents are on hand to qualify your leads for you, saving you time and providing quality information about your contacts.

Script Creation Consultation

We’re in the know on successful telemarketing. Let us help you create your script to ensure your telemarketing goals are met.

Effective and Legal

Telemarketing is a useful way to qualify your new leads that have not given you
permission to email them yet.

Quantity Flexibility

We know the number of contacts you need to reach will depend on each contact. We’re
happy to contact as many or as few as you need.

Telemarketing Automation

Make your automated Drip Marketing campaign more successful than ever by adding a
Telemarketing stage and having Swiftpage fulfill it for you.
> View the Telemarketing “How It Works” PDF

Telemarketing call credits must be purchased prior to executing your telemarketing project.
You are not required to use all of your credits in one project as a running tally will be kept
updated on your Account. These services are currently only available in the United States.





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