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The playing field

Cluttered.  Complex.  And ultra competitive.  That best describes the search landscape. Clearly, it can be challenging. But is it optional today? Hardly. To remain competitive, brands must capitalize on the most effective marketing channels available. That means tapping into pay per click advertising (PPC).

A comprehensive approach

Planned Growth offers a full-service PPC solution. We manage everything from account set-up/overhaul, keyword research and expansion, ad copy creation, landing page recommendations, bid management, and ongoing testing of keywords, creative, and landing pages. In addition, we have extensive experience in managing campaigns across multiple verticals with complex goals.

Strategy drives results

PPC offers marketers speed, flexibility, and reach. But to be most effective, it requires a sound strategy. Because of that, Planned Growth works to fully understand your audience, competitive landscape, goals, and other online/offline marketing initiatives. Doing so allows us to develop campaigns that will resonate with your customers and drive greater results.

PPC doesn’t belong in a silo

PPC is an essential component of marketing today. Considering that, it should sit front and center in your line-up. However, it should not live in a silo. At Planned Growth, we view Pay Per Click Advertising holistically. Our position is that while individual tactics are important, they should be leveraged in an integrated and strategic fashion in order to generate the greatest return.

Technology’s role

Planned Growth develops PPC campaigns that are efficient, innovative, and scalable. And technology plays a big role in making that happen. But we have an open platform — we maintain a “technology agnostic” stance on bid management and tracking software. Because of that, we have experience working with a wide variety of technologies.
Below are some of the key elements included in a PPC engagement with Planned Growth:

  • Discovery and Knowledge Transfer Session
  • Strategic Development & Keyword Research
  • Account Restructure and Setup
  • Creative (Ad) Development and Landing Page Mapping
  • Bid Management and Optimization
  • Testing: Ad Copy, Landing Pages, A/B, Multivariate, ACE (Bids, Match Types, etc)
  • Click-Chain Analysis





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